Trail Systems in Maine's Moosehead Lake,
Katahdin and Highlands Region

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Trails for hiking; snowmobile trails; trails for canoe trips; trails for offroad ATV'ing; trails for nature walks; trails for sightseeing; trails for backpacking; and trails for fishing. Maine's Moosehead Lake, Katahdin and Highlands region offers hundreds of miles of the most spectacular recreational trail systems in the United States.

Some trails are legendary, such as the 100 Mile Wilderness portion of the Appalachian Trail, the Moosehead Loop Snowmobile Trail, Penobscot Canoe Trail, and the Katahdin Loop Snowmobile Trail. Some offer hikes with unimaginable mountain top views like from Mount Kineo, Squaw Mountain, Mount Katahdin and Borestone. Others are short trails to scenic spots or secretive fishing streams and ponds. Whether you take a trail by foot, snowmobile, canoe, ATV or automobile, you can try a different trail every day and you will be busy all year. Venture out in new directions to explore Maine's tremendous trail systems while hiking, snowmobiling, canoeing, offroading, backpacking, camping, or just viewing spectacular scenery, rare plants and flowers, berry picking, and wildlife galore.

Coming soon - information about the region's trail systems, parking and trail heads, canoe rentals, guide services, lodging, camping, dining, and outfitting services available. Trail system and visitor information for Greenville, Rockwood, Kokadjo, Millinocket, Shirley, Jackman, and Monson.

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